Sunday, July 20, 2008

The John Effect...

If you spend any amount of time with John chances are you'll get a coffee lesson. When we were with John at New Attitude I asked him why he prefers to brew his coffee in a French Press rather than in a regular coffee maker. He told me that the paper filter that is used in a coffee maker (machine) not only filters out the coffee grinds, but also much of the oils which are full of the coffee's deep flavor. With the French press, you get all the flavor...minus the grinds. We've had a French Press for a long time, but we've never used it so much before! Thanks for the tip John!!=)


Blogger monchan :) said...

Yes, John had a great effect on our int'l friends, for they were coffee lovers. Our European friends especially loved the fact that John brewed strong enough coffee for their taste buds.

His effect on me: Used our coffee that would probably sit there until we had more visitors (when he lived with us in Indiana). :) He kept our beans fresh! :)

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