Thursday, September 18, 2008

The salad Emmie was looking for...

During our time in Tennessee, Emmie ordered a salad at just about every meal. And, towards the middle and end of every meal, she would give us a handful of reasons why her salad was NOT what she wanted. The reasons ranged from, "not enough Romaine," to "too many toppings," and everything in between.

Well, Emmie, I just wanted to let you know that i think we found your perfect salad! We discovered it in Annapolis, MD. Sandi ordered a chop salad. When the waiter brought it to the table there was only lettuce (not a single piece of ice burg or purple cabbage...and the FRESHEST i think I've ever seen!) in the large mixing bowl. All the other "toppings" were in their own tiny individual bowls.

The waiter then asked sandi what she would like with her lettuce. He ended up adding everything, but, as you can see, it didn't overpower the lettuce. After the waiter mixed everything together he plated it and set it down on the table. We immediately knew...this is the salad Emmie was waiting for!! Perhaps we will try to recreate it for you the next time we get to see you. It was, in our opinion, the perfect salad!


Blogger Bolo said...

Are you saying Emmie is picky? Emmie?


6:34 PM

Blogger andrew said...

...some things don't change...=)

9:50 AM


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