Tuesday, March 29, 2005

kim's back

hello. i just thought you should know that kim siu is back on the island! only for a week though. she came back with two of her friends this time--bo, who is originally from vancouver, bc, and reinhard (isn't that the coolest name??!), originally from south africa. they all currently reside in new york, attend the same church, and are incredibly cool.

yesterday we went to duke's for their all you can eat breakfast buffet (my first, but certianly not last time) and then to canoes to surf. it was tons of fun! it was a sunny day with a bit of a breeze, but not enough to disturb the waves. well...there wasn't too much "wave" to disturb. it was about knee high, but on a longboard...that's all you need! ...an absolutely beautiful day indeed.

so, we surfed until 1:30pm, at which time we went our seperate ways. i'm sure we'll meet up again someday. maybe in hawaii...maybe in new york...or maybe somewhere in between. good food + surf x great people = a great day! mahalo nui to kim for the invite!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

3 feet from barry...

well...it's been awhile since i've written. ...a long while. not too much surf to speak of. ...although i did get to surf the morning away with sandi this past saturday. we hit up marine land at about 9:00. yvonne and john surfed with us too. it was nice. crystal clear water. beautiful blue skies. about waist to shoulder high waves rolling in clean. very little wind. and the best thing was that i got to enjoy it all with sandi!=)

...and then there was the afternoon session this past teusday with boss (cabreros). we surfed daimond head in the early afternoon. it was the first time boss surfed in five weeks...sinful!=) i can't say much about the surf (because there wasn't much to speak of) but it was great to be in the water with good friends. and there was the occasional shoulder-high right that held up all the way to the inside, providing much speed and a good fun ride. all in all it was a beautiful day!

but anyway...this entry was not intended for surf sessions. i just had to record another amazing night at hale noa. i got down there late...about 10:30. i was meeting kainalu and steve. it was tuesday night and tiffa was playing. i had just heard her and her crew live on the radio the night before (great job guys!!!). ...was beautiful!

when i walked in it was packed. i shouldn't have been too suprised...after all it is spring break. i glanced at the stage and could not stop the biggest smile of the day from taking over my face. it was another one of "those" nights. i nodded "hi" to tiffa, who was not on stage, and was immediately tapped on the shoulder--collin. we shook hands and said hello. my eyes were just about adjusted to the darkened room as i turned to walk towards the back in search of kainalu and steve. i noticed elohi sitting at the bar. we said hello. then i saw pat, whom i also greeted. as i squeezed my way towards the back of the room, the smooth, unamplified voice of ernie cruz, and the breath-taking guitar voicings of both ernie and barry floated gently through the room.

ernie sat on the left in a t-shirt, shorts and slippers. barry sat on the right in a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, shorts and shoes. ...and the music that softly filled the room was nothing short of beautiful and amazing. i found kainalu and steve, who had never been to hale noa before and we sat down. they were so happy and excited. it was an "all-teeth" kinda night.

after a few more songs barry gave up his seat to tiffa and she and ernie sang a few songs together. then ernie sang a few by himself. as the night went on the crowd got thinner and the table up at the front opened up. i decided to move up for the last few songs. there i was 3 feet away from barry, and about 5 feet from ernie, enjoying the most soothing and beautiful music by two of hawaii's best loved musicians. as kainalu said of ernie and barry, "it seems effortless..." ...and it was. what a way to end the day! thank you Jesus!!=)