Wednesday, February 28, 2007

long days...

today i worked a twelve hour shift--7am to 7pm. it's the begining of about a week or two of twelve hour days for me. was a long day. i am pretty exhausted... what amazes me is that sandi still leaves the house before i do...and she still gets home after i do. (and it's not because she drives further. i work further away from home than she does. she actually works longer!)WOW...what a woman! and she still has the energy to talk to and smile at me over dinner.

she is so strong and enduring. i don't know how she is able to do it apart from God's kind grace in her life. i am humbled by her steady persistence, and her commitment to her task.'s time for bed. ...actually, bed time was about an hour ago. if you're reading this, consider yourself blessed. i'm not sure how may more of these i'll get out in the next two weeks.'s not like i've done many at all in the last two...

love you,

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

odd hope...'s an odd and foreign thing to be hoping and praying for temperatures in the 20's. it was another day of sub-zero temps (w/wind-chill).'s the kind of cold that makes any uncovered area of skin hurt. ...i can see my breath in the car all the way to work in the morning. (...our heater in the car works fine...i just work about 5 mins. away from our home) ...they say that we'll break into the 20's by the end of the week. i'll keep you posted...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

my apologies...

to those that check this blog regularly, i am truly sorry for the lack of posts. i have been scolded several times for not posting. and so i intend to pick myself up, and continue on. you'll be hearing from me again soon. ...and we'll pray that it is on a regular basis! thank you for your patience!

the management=)


...well, that's with the wind-chill.'s actually only 13 degrees outside now.'s supposed to be 5 degrees...and -14 with the wind-chill! ...i'm glad sandi is in a warmer place!!