Friday, June 30, 2006

almost two weeks...'s been just about two weeks since sandi and i left home (hawaii) for the east coast (pennsylvania). i guess it's been much longer since i've posted anything, and for that i apologize. the past six months have been a blur. i won't try to elaborate now...later will do.

just want to let everyone know that we arrived safely. we're still in the process of settling in, and have decided that it may take weeks/months to settle in...and that's o.k. it's a bright sunny day today, which is a very welcome change from the rain we've been getting. ("thank you" to those who called to check up on us...we are fine...the heavy rain/flooding is north of us. God is gracious)

well, that's all for now... i'm going to slowly ease myself back into the blogging world. but don't'll be hearing from me!