Monday, August 28, 2006


my body has been abused! ...and i am feeling it! how did i get here??

SATURDAY: 1.5 hours at the Gym [am]...
4 hours of basketball [pm]...

SUNDAY: set up for church [am]...
3.5 hours hanging out with a 5 year old boy [pm]...

MONDAY {today}: 8 hours of work at a concrete factory...

TOMORROW: 8 more hours of work at a concrete factory...

may God have mercy on my muscles...

p.s. if i don't blog for maybe that i lack the strength to press the keys on my keyboard=)

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Special Song for a Special Boy...

today is a special day for many reasons. one reason in particular is that it is the birthday of none other than Brian Cabreros!!'s only appropriate that we sing a song for him...

"Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear BRIAN...Happy Birthday to YOU!!"

in case you may not know brian, i thought i'd include a few pictures so you can see a few of the many many great things about him!

BRIAN waxes...

BRIAN grinds...

BRIAN grinds some more...

BRIAN is really really rediculously good looking...

BRIAN rips...

That's him, Brian Cabreros, the Birthday Boy!!

Happy Birthday Brian! i am grateful to God for you! you are a wonderful friend and a close brother to me. may God bless your 29th year!!


p.s. eh, save some waves fo' me and john!

Robin of Loxley..."Father" of Moanalua

my dad recently entered an archery competition on Molokai. He's been shooting for a few years now, although not as frequesntly as he'd like to. he's entered a few tournaments and has done well. this most recent one, however, was his best one yet. He shot in the "Bow Hunter's Freestyle" division, and the results went something like this:

1. Jason Urzdomo 569
2. Daniel Uchida 568
3. Alan Alatan 561

WAY TO GO DAD! sandi and i are very proud! keep on shooting...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Maiden Voyage...

in our desire to [a] get out of the house and into God's great outdoors, and [b] get as much exercise as possible, sandi and i got a kayak! we've actually had it for a few weeks but sandi's been on call so much that we never got to try it out...until today. and what a beautiful day for an afternoon paddle on the lake. we were out on the water for about an hour-and-a-half. it was SO PEACEFUL and virtually windless...though there was a slight breeze from time to time. here are some pics of us in and out of the water!

we hope to do a lot more kayaking before the weather gets too cold! it's still quite warm now, so i think we have some time before the weather changes. hope to get some fish too! that's all for now...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

implications of The Cross on our tastebuds=)

today, sandi and i read about the food situation in heaven (what Randy Alcorn refers to as the New Earth). what i read brought a smile to my face and great joy to my heart. i want to share some of it with you. if you are unable to eat certian foods here on earth, take heart. if you have been saved by God's grace, Heaven awaits you! and there we will be free to enjoy food to the joy and delight of our God!

"Those who for reasons of allergies, weight problems, or addictions can't regularly consume peanuts, chocolate, coffee, and wine--and countless other foods and drinks--may look forward to enjoying them on the New Earth. To be free from sin, death, and bondage on the New Earth will mean that we'll enjoy more pleasures, not fewer. And the God who delights in our pleasures will be glorified in our grateful praise." Taken from "Heaven" by, Randy Alcorn; p. 298.

this next excerpt is for sarah, john, gary, brian, jason, kev, kainalu, justin, mark, jeff, brit and all others to whom food is dear to the soul. brothers (and sister!)...we will grind in we've never grinded before!!

" You and i have never eaten food in a world untouched by the Fall and the Curse. The palate and taste buds were injured in the Fall, as were all food sources. The best-tasting food we've ever eaten wasn't nearly as good as it must have tasted in Eden or as it will taste on the New Earth.

The person who's eaten the widest variety of meals on Earth still hasn't tasted countless others. How many special dishes will you discover on the New Earth? As yet, you may not have tasted your favorite meal--and if you have, it didn't taste as good as it will there. The best meals you'll ever eat are still ahead of you on the New Earth.

If it seems trivial or unspiritual to anticipate such things, remember that it's God who promises that on the New Earth we will sit at tables, at banquets and feasts, and enjoy the finest foods and drinks. And to top it off, our Father promises that he himself will prepare for us the finest foods (Isaiah 25:6)." Taken from "Heaven" by, Randy Alcorn; p. 298

...the fruits of good theology are amazing!=)

so...the next time you have a "broke da mout" plate lunch,'s NOTHING compared to what we'll grind in heaven. i look forward to feasting with you all at God's table! until then, eat to God's glory!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Latest Rife(s) Sighting...

john recently mentioned the "Rife" in one of his latest posts...and it reminded me of the last time sandi and i saw him and his wife, sarah. here he is... from left to right...sarah, mark, me, and sandi.

this pic was taken in mid june of this year. sandi and i were on our honeymoon on da Beeg Island and we dropped in on one of their church meetings. also got to see dwight and liza!! that was a great moment!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WorshipGOD 2006

even though i had a camera with me the entire time...i only took two pictures.

the first one is of me and a mentor and good friend of mine, Pat Sczebel. i was blessed to meet him during my 2.25 years up in Langley, BC. he's the worship pastor at the church i attended there, and has writen some amazing songs that declare the greatness of God!! [check out four of his songs on the Sovereign Grace webste: three are on the recent live recording at Covenant Life Church entitled, "Worship God Live." his other song is on an album that was released last weekend entitled, "Valley of Vision." both c.d.'s are available on the sovereign grace website, can download individual songs there too!] it was wonderful to catch up with him and his son Josh over dinner one evening. MAHALO Pat and Josh!!
and this is me with author Randy Alcorn. he gave the final message on Saturday morning. he has written numerous books and impacted the lives of many people, including me. i have read two of his books ["the treasure principle," and "the purity principle"], and my wife sandi and i are reading through another one of his books right now entitled, "Heaven." i highly recommend any of his books to you (he has written some great fiction novels as well).

in hind sight i wish i had taken more pictures...but if you know me, you shouldn't be surprised that i only took two... i'll write more about the content of the conference later. i just wanted to post the two pictures i took!


from the stream to the table

I forgot that we had taken a picture of us enjoying the striped bass for dinner! here it is...was ono!!

striped bass pics [finally!]

So, i finally got the striped bass pictures onto my blog. here is my beautiful wife Sandi with him on our balcony...
here i am...with him...right after our 15 minute battle...i caught him on 4lb. test, so i really had to play him and tire him was great!

here he is on the grass (if you look closely you can see the hook in the corner of his lip)...

and one more picture of me and him on the grassy knoll overlooking the stream...

he was exactly 24 inches long, about 9 and 1/2 pounds, and extremely ono!! sandi and i shared half of him with one of her fellow MD's, and we ate the rest of him 2 different ways. i'll keep you posted on upcoming fishing trips! until then...


Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Special Visitor" @ WorshipGod '06

GW at Sovereign Grace

i just drove back up from Gaithersburg, MD where i attended an amazing worship conference hosted by Sovereign Grace Ministries, and held at Covenant Life Church. i'll write more about the details of the conference later. but for now, here's a little clip from the conference that i found on youtube...a "suprise guest." enjoy...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

"The Deliciousness of Work"

as sandi was falling asleep tonight we found ourselves talking about the shortness of life and the hope heaven. "will we work in heaven??" she asked.

"yup," i replied. i knew that the Bible said we would. i didn't know exactly where it said it, or in what capacity we would be, i got up to go get the book "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. i found the section entitled "will we work?" and began to read to her aloud.

"maybe we'll read this to our children for their bedtime story," she said. i smiled.

"what a way to fall asleep," i thought to myself. hearing clear pictures about the perfect place that awaits all those who trust in Jesus to save them. i can't think of dreaming about anything better...or thinking about during our waking hours, for that matter!

sandi soon fell asleep before i was very far into the section, but i continued to read out loud. it was so good! one part, in particular, caught my attention and made me smile. and i'd like to share it with you.

Taken from "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn:

"What kind of work will we do in heaven? Maybe you'll build a cabinet with Joseph of Nazareth. Or with Jesus. Maybe you'll tend sheep with David, discuss medicine with Luke, sew with Dorcas, make clothes with Lydia, design a new tent with Paul or Priscilla, write a song with Isaac Watts, ride horses with John Wesley, or sing with Keith Green. Maybe you'll write a theology of the Trinity, bouncing your thoughts off Paul, John, Polycarp, Cyprian, Augustine, Calvin, Wesley...and even Jesus. Our work will be joyful and fulfilling, giveing glory to God."

i was thinking of "work" that i would add to that list. here are a few of them: talk about the justice and righteousness of God with my Grandpa Chang...go fishing with my Uncle Merl...sing a few thousand worship songs with my sister Rachel Anuhea...cook a "broke da mout'" meal with my "Granny" some music with Rich Mullens...and surf forty foot endless barrels with Sarah, John, Brian, Kevin, Kyle, Britton, Joel, Micah, Daniel, Clifton, etc... ...all to the GLORY OF GOD!

...i look forward to that day! ...and i hope to see YOU there!

(p.s. i got the title of this blog from a spurgeon quote)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

God's gift (a good fishing story!!=)

so i went back to the Blue Marsh Stilling Basin (my secret spot!) to catch more trout. (this was two days after i caught the three trout i posted earlier) i fished for a little over two hours with nothing to show for it. i was getting discouraged and frustrated (largely because i was so proud of my performance a few days before, i just expected to catch fish). but i didn't. lines got stuck and had to be cut. bait was stollen. and numerous fish were hooked and then lost before i could land them. of course, as the day went on i began to pray prayers like, "just let me catch one fish...just one fish...please!!" in hind sight that wasn't the prayer i should have been praying. and because i hadn't learned anything, nothing changed on the fishing scene.

as the hours passed i soon began to think that i might not catch anything...and it was surprisingly alright. i really believe God allowed me to recognize my prideful attitude and focus on my sin issue rather than my "lack-of-fish" issue. i remembered that the three trout i caught two days ago were a gracious gift from GOD, not "good luck," or because i am such a great fisherman (i'm really not). i remembered that every good gift comes to me straight from his kind, loving and gracious hands--even the gift of being alive at that moment.

i remember feeling wonderfully convicted of my pride and selfish attitude. "wonderful" because i knew that God was speaking to me. and it wasn't condeming or hostle. it was a kind reminder of God's constant and unceasing goodness and watchful kindness towards me. the hardest part to recieve was that it was true (the "prideful" and "selfish" part). and after i confessed my pride and selfishness, and prayed to thank God for what had just happened, it didn't even matter that i hadn't caught any fish! i felt a strong sense of gratitude towards God for...everything! my sinful thoughts had been perspective was reset...and gratefulness soared within my soul.

it was so peaceful and quiet there at the water's edge that i didn't want to leave right away. so, i walked along the shoreline, thinking about the change of heart that God had just brought about in me. i walked for a few minutes to a bend in the shore where there were some bigger rocks entering the water. i stopped to look around. there was no one else there. it was nice.

suddenly i heard a light thrashing by my feet. i looked down. a few feet away from me, wedged in some rocks was a fish...a pretty big fish. it was spinning and rolling as if it was trying to get free of something. i moved closer and grabbed it. it was a walleye...i had heard a lot about walleye's from local fishermen. they were a prized catch. the walleye kicked but not very hard--seemed like it had been struggling for a little while. on closer inspection i saw that it was not hooked in the mouth, nor was it snagged anywhere in it's body. i laughed in disbelief. somehow it had managed to get stuck in a loop of fishing line that was just a little smaller than the diameter of it's body, making it really snug. the fishing line was positioned a few inches behind the gill plate, rendering it's two pectoral fins and it's dorsal fin useless. for those of you who know fish, it couldn't swim upright, or foward with any kind of speed and direction, because it had no use of pectoral or dorsal fins. (on the second picture you can see a vertical line where the line rubbed into him) but it could still breathe and kick it's tail just fine. so...i guess it breathed and kicked it's way into the rocks.

i know this may sound hard to believe, but i actually felt sorry for it. so i freed it from the fishing line and attempted to release it. it tried to swim, but could not stop itself from spinning around. i moved it through the water to try and get water flowing through it's gills, but it wasn't enough. the walleye sunk to the bottom on it's side, still breathing but not moving. the fish doctor had failed. it wasn't going to make it.

let it be known that the fish doctor was not very sad when he saw that the walleye wasn't going to make it.=) "i guess i'll have to eat it," i thought to myself. so i took him home. all the while amazed at God's gracious life lesson's and faithful (and sometimes miraculous) provision. he measured 19 inches, and i estimate him to have been about 2.5...maybe 3 lbs. (didn't have a scale) i cleaned him and cooked him...and sandi and i both enjoyed him very much! i've included some pictures for you to see. thank you Jesus!!

a fierce predator...a gift from God:


God is very good, and he always provides...always!!

trout fishing (old pics)

here's some pictures of the first three trout that i kept and ate (about 4 weeks ago). they were a lot of fun to catch! my gear is small, only 4lb. test on the reel...and 2lb. test leader. caught them on some night crawlers (earth worms). they all measured 12 inches, but one was thicker than the other two. the stream...

...on the grass... da pan!!

we gave two of the trout to sandi's co-worker, Yan yan. she's been driving sandi to work every morning. we are both very grateful. we thought we'd adopt my cousin David's tendency to gift fish to people. we have found (just as david has) that people are more than eager to accept a gift of fresh fish. thanks for the example of generosity dave! (stay safe in da water, and keep on shooting da beeg ones! if you'd like to see some of the fish david catches, you can check out the gallery at anyway, sandi's on call tonight so i'm off to do more fishing. thanks for reading!! catch you later...

Friday, August 04, 2006


do not fear...this is just a test... i'm trying to figure out how to post pics to my blog. (yes...gary i took this pic from your blog, haha!) girl is so HOT!=)


p.s. if this works...beware the many pictures... you have been warned!!