Sunday, March 02, 2008

salmon fishing anyone??

one of my friends from college has his own salmon fishing charter business where he lives on beautiful Victoria Island, British Colombia. sam and i were on the prayer team together at TWU. last week he e-mailed me with a link to a you tube video he just uploaded. i thought i'd share it with you down below.

at the end of my spring 2003 semester he invited me and our other friend cory to spend a week at his parent's place where he grew up. seeing the video below brought back some great memories. here are a few of them: seeing a baby whale gently break the surface not fifteen feet from me...while i was standing on the shore at a place called Deep Bay, working on one of sam's outboard motors at his parents place, going to the forest to pick stinging nettle and drying it to make tea that we drank (ono!), pulling into a parking lot on the beach at 9:00pm (it was as bright as if it were late afternoon) and sam asking, "do you guys like oysters?" we walked out a couple hundred yards onto the exposed reef and filled 3 plastic bags full of huge oysters...then we went back to sam's house...built a fire in his back yard and ate oysters 'till we were stuffed! ...we toured to walk through the to board a historic ship that happened to be docked in the was a private ship that was used for educational purposes...we were just standing there checking it out talking about how cool it would be to be able to look around on board...not five minutes later i saw a friend of mine from TWU...mike...we talked for a bit...i asked him what he was up to...he said that he was just going on board to drop of his stuff...turns out he worked summers on the ship we were admiring...we asked him if we could get a tour...he said "sure," and gave us a whole tour complete with lots of neat history...we ate very well too! ...sam's mom cooked all kinds of ono food...and...we did go fishing. sam took us out for a day...we didn't catch much. sam said it was too early in the season. but it was just great to be out on the water on such a beautiful day. maybe one day sandi and i will have to go back when the salmon are in!=) enjoy the video! and...if you're looking for a salmon adventure trip...sam is an excellent guide!!