Saturday, May 05, 2007

one more month...

one month from yesterday, and sandi and i will celebrate our one year anniversary. {where does all the time go??!!??} but, it has been an amazing 11 months and i wouldn't trade it for the world!! i'm sure this next month will fly by too...but we will endeavor to seize and cherish every moment of it. i can't begin to tell you how thankful i am to God for sandi! she's an extraordinary girl!

Absent for the busiest day in Louisville

today as i was helping brian put up his fence i got a little lesson in horse racing. today the kentucky derby was held. two minutes... just two minutes...and it's all pau. no preliminary races, no second chances. just two minutes. brain said that about 100,000 people converge upon Louisville for the weekend, just to watch the 2 minute derby. and of those 100,000 converging people...john is not one of them. ...even though he's lived there for that past ???? years. i'm sure he's not too disapointed. he's in Michigan. [GO BLUE!] ...working...or something like that. there are two other big races besides the kentucky derby. ...i can't remember their names right now...preekness?? oh well, it'll come back to me. brian says the that together the three races are known as the tripple crown. i told him that people in Hawaii rarely ever talk about horse racing...except last year, when that horse injured his ankle/foot. the only tripple crown that almost every one talks about back home is the tripple crown of surfing!!=) brian's fence is just about done...just one more gate left!! and the pina colada frozen yogurt that he made was unreal!! mahalo Brian!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

"...I build truck bodies."

everytime someone asks me what i do, my response is always the same: "...i build truck bodies." now, i know exactly what that means, but most people, upon hearing that give me the long awkward pause or the look of perplexion...or a combination of the two. so, here's a link to my company's website. it won't give you all the in's and out's of what i do on a daily basis, but at least you'll have a mental picture to ponder the next time i say, "...i build truck bodies."

p.s. and actually, i don't build them. by the time they get to me they've been welded, primed and painted. i just finish them.