Monday, July 24, 2006

monday's menu

i have been really enjoying planning and cooking the meals that sandi and i eat. it was also great fun shopping for "kitchen gear"...but that's another story. i have been a constant visitor to, resourcing their endless supply of recepies. (well, almost endless...didn't have any recepies for panang sad!) today sandi and i went fishing after i picked her up from work. so, i was planning of having fresh fish for us to eat! unfortunately, it didn't work out that way...

...i did hook two nice sized trout (about 12-14 inches each) but one slipped out of my hand when i was trying to pick it up out of the water and it cut my 2 lb. test. (perhaps i should invest in a net!) the other one, well, it had two other lines coming out of it's mouth (besides mine), i decided to take the other two hooks out and let him go. ..seemed like he had a pretty hard day. and other than a few other bites, that was it for me. sandi, hooked numerous bluegill (kinda like mamo) but the majority of them were too small. she also hooked a small mouth bass that was about 10 inches long and maybe a pound and a half...but, it was too small to keep. so, we headed home after the sun set (at 9:00pm) with no fish.

even though we had no fish, we did not go without a meal. ...we had left overs! ...and a beautiful fresh salad made by sandi. we finished off the last of the shoyu chicken and chicken curry (s&b) with some roasted potatoes, carrots and onions that just came out of the oven. it was not bad for dinner on the fly.

tomorrow, i'm going to go and "use up the rest of the bait" and hopefully get us some dinner. i'll let you know how it goes. until then, i hope you enjoy the food God gives you!!=)


Friday, July 21, 2006


fresh fish is hard to come by in Pennsylvania... the next time you have the opportunity to eat some really fresh fish, please take a moment to think of me. mahalo!!=)



i am on a life-long quest to find this lake! ...anyone wanna join me??

happy hunting!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

sunday plans...

tomorrow sandi and i head back to Christ Community Church. it's the only church we're going to make a second visit to. we visited last week for the first time and LOVED it! more than likely we'll make Christ Community our home. sandi and i couldn't come up with any reason not to. but, we're still praying and relying on God to lead us to the right church. (i think we "know" already...just want to give it enough time) well, i'll let you know how it goes... pray for us! mahalo...

sweet dreams...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

cute but scary...

so...sandi and i were waking up slowly this past saturday morning. nowhere to be...nothing to do right away. we were both awake but still laying down. she rolled over towards me and started "lovingly" tapping me on my stomach with her knuckles...

andrew: "OW!!"

sandi: "what??!!" (with concern in her voice as she stoped abruptly.
she was kinda shocked at my response to her "love taps.")

andrew: "that hurt..." (overexagerated in a teasing tone)

sandi: "really?? i was just tapping on your abs..."

andrew: "THAT WAS MY RIB!!" (laughing pretty hard)

sandi: (silence...pensive looks...a smile breaks) "...oh yeah!!" was early in the morning... wife is very cute.
(...just don't tell anyone she's a doctor!=)


wrong time for memory lapse

so yesterday morning sandi made me a wonderful breakfast: 1 egg over easy, 1 bowl of cereal and 2 peices of toast. (was ono!) just before i sat down to eat it she handed me a gift. i asked her if i could open it. she said yes. as i opened it she said, "happy anniversary."


it's early. mind is still clouded with sleep. and i'm searching...with speed and ferocity! nothing. now, you need to understand that we're into celebrating almost EVERYTHING. so i began to do a mental speed-walk through the list. dating anniversary? engagement anniversary? surfing anniversary? no... end of med. school anniversary? moving to PA anniversary? no...

by this time there's been a lot of silence and a perplexed look on my face, so i decide to speak. "which anniversary?"

we got married one month ago today!!


fish found...

just for the fish has been "found!" this is not a recent find...i must apologize for the fish was found in september of last year (2005). i say "found" because it was never really lost...i was just hunting. ...and, also for the record, my hunt was was not overwhelmingly urgent, life-exhausting or time-consuming. was actually very casual...relaxed...and enjoyable. any hunt should be. i actually never really intended on ending my hunt so soon. you see, i didn't "need" a fish. i just wanted one.

now i have one, and i love it!! it's so beautiful just to look at. ...and glides so effortlessly through the water. i am very happy my fish has been "found." and to be honest...i wasn't the one who found it at all. ...Sandi did.

thanks sandi!=) i love you...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

wonderful day...

today was wonderful! up to my alarm at about 8:35 and just laid there in bed watching the breeze blow the tree branches outside my window. it was a beautiful morning. sunny, cool and calm. ...then my phone rang (i was expecting a call from sandi 'cause she was on call last night and i was supposed to pick her up from the hospital at about 8:30, but she said she'd call first) and it was my beautiful wife! she was right outside the door, but couldn't get in because of the chain lock (she got a ride home from another first year intern who was also on call last night). i quickly got up and raced to let her in. she was in her scrubs...and she looked gooood!=) she quickly came inside...we chatted about her time on call (she got 5.5 hours of sleep...that's really good!!) and she went to take a shower. shower for 24 hours, but she still smelled GREAT!!=) after she was done we headed off to church.

today we went to visit an Evangelical Free church in Mohnton...about half an hour south of us. we got a little lost and were a bit late...but we were in time to take communion sing a couple of hymns and hear the preacher preach. when we were done we headed back home.

we decided to be adventurous (one of the things i love about sandi=) and take a different route back home. on our way we stopped in at Rita's (which has become somewhat of a sunday tradition for us...two sunday's in a row) that we happened upon and had a medium gelotti. ( a gelotti is a miraculous little thing composed of a base of chocolate and vanilla "creamed ice" (like icecream), a middle layer of fruit flavored shave-ice/slushie (today it was mango!=), and topped off with, once again, chocolate and vanilla swirlled "creamed ice." it was so refreshing! we sat on a bench outside, shaded from the warm sunny afternoon and enjoyed it together as we talked. it was great! then we decided to get lunch at Wendy's, which we happend upon about a two blocks later.

after wendy's we made our way home. i thought it was time for a nap, but sandi didn't want to sleep right after we ate. so i finished putting together our bookshelf, which sandi helped me finish...and sandi was organizing some of her things. all this we did to the soul-soothing sounds of Jack Johnson!=) it was so relaxing. then it was time to rest.

we slept for a few hours and woke up at about 6:30pm. we had talked earlier about going to see a movie, and as we stirred from our nap we decided we should follow through. so we went to go watch the 7:30 showing of Superman Returns...which exceeded our exectations (which were not very high...just in case you are deciding whether or not you're going to watch it)! we thought it was a good movie and we had a great time, which kindled a great talk on our drive home.

as we were driving home sandi asked if i wanted to go for a walk. so, after we parked we set out for a little stroll through the quiet streets of our little town. our dialogue that we began in the car continued as we walked past the hushed homes with their dim lights glowing through their windows...very peaceful.

then we made it home and took some time to look into next week, share some concerns and hopes and pray together. before we were done, sandi was ready to go to sleep. so i escorted her to our air mattress (which is actually surprisingly comfortable) and put her to bed. she sleeps pretty instantly. and here i am, seated in the peace and quite of our dinning room...typing to the light of a burning candle and a table lamp.

..."wonderful" doesn't quite do justice to today's events... but perhaps there is no word in the English language that can adequately capture today...and "wonderful" will just have to do... blessings to you...

until next time...